With a vision for greener Bangalore, Lushnlawns helps you connect with nature and yes, it is as easy as it sounds!

We have retired horticulture officers to develop and maintenance.

Make your living space more breathable & comfortable with Lushnlawns indoor gardening solutions. Get complete transformation of your office or residential spaces with lush green foliage. Choose from our innovative designs & tailor made indoor garden solutions that suits your requirement with limited indoor space or source of sunlight.

5 Popular “MUST DO’s” for indoor gardening that adds color & texture.

  • Create your own shade balcony lawn with flowering creepers and ornamental plants that grow year round with low maintenance.
  • Add flair & color to your balcony with our creative terracotta containers to plant orchids, cactus or create your own organic herbal nursery.
  • Transform your home into green oasis? Try our different varieties of Hydroponics, which are ideal to grow water lilies & rare blue lotus, giving an aesthetic looks to your office or home.
  • Wish to keep your house temperature low at an affordable price? Consider checking out plants we offer, that can help keep your house cool, flush out toxins and maintain room humidity. Golden pothos, fern, ficus, Areca & Aloe are quite popular among our client base.
  • Lushnlawns tips & tricks to make a great home, office or school décor is simple to follow and you are just few steps away. Call now to know how to create that beautiful color fest indoor with your patio, drawing all the attention it deserves with seasonal plants.

Things you need to know

Fulfill your desire for growing plants and veggies indoor, without compromising on floor space. Vertical gardening not only helps reduce stress, increases productivity, but also improves air quality and gives that aesthetic looks that matters. Don’t forget to ask our agents for Lushnlawns customized hydroponic system and specially designed wooden pallets or crates, which is always a worth try.

Indoor gardening is defined as a method or technique of growing plants indoors, i.e. inside residential homes, office area, restaurants or in any enclosed space. With indoor gardening, you can create a garden inside your room and produce the preferred harvests as the control of temperature, soil, etc. will be in your hands.

Bring nature in your home.