Why it is Exclusive to Have One?

Lushnlawns brings you complete outdoor gardening solution, with expert consultation, online plant store & more to bring your imagination into reality. Landscaping outdoor garden is a passion for us than business. Our signature designs utilizes all usable spaces with many low maintenance native and imported plant species. Check our website for more information.

We have retired horticulture officers to develop and maintenance.

We take pride in making Bangalore more greener and eco-friendly with our exclusive solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Our dedicated staffs are well qualified and trained to handle any queries you have and carve out niche expertise for all levels of landscape designing & its architecture. Our collaborative efforts to help our esteem clients decide on various species of plants to decorate their houses or office space have been well received by Bangaloreans, that made Lushnlawn the most popular landscape designer for the year 2016, 2017 & again in 2019.

We make sure that each garden tells its story, as we have a reputation for attention to detail, energy efficient designs and after all award winning customer support. Don’t stop dreaming, we will make it happen, be it green yard, a beautiful custom made terrarium or miniature gardens. Post completion of landscaping project, we also provide maintenance services at affordable price with our integrated nurseries, bio-fertilizers, drip irrigation system and more….

1. Lush green lawns: Healthy lawns are an important part of modern day lifestyle, community & environment. Realize your dream to get that unique looks to your house which makes a proper recreational place for kids and pets, proper yoga place with clean air and known to improve soil quality, check erosion & more.

2. Mound: Landscape mounds adds colour to your lawn with exclusive designs that help raise plant to give the privacy you are looking for with extra seasonal bloom, improved soil drainage & more.

3. Flower bed: Flowers increases landscape looks, boosts emotional well being, attract butterflies & birds to environmental benefits.

4. Ornamental plants: Choose from a range of decorative plants to foster sense of pride, to bring visual interest, aesthetic appeal to making outdoor spaces ecofriendly.

5. Edges: Lushnlawns's offers stunning edges that helps define border, also bring transition between element & help stop movement of gravel, turf and mulch.

6. Shrubs: Get your own choice of evergreen shrubs to connect with nature. Foster environmental benefits with cooler shades, improved soil stability, enhanced air quality & more.

7.Container: Get started from choosing a range of beautiful container pots of various shapes and size, that makes gardening possible even in your rented apartments with limited outdoor space. Stop regretting even if you own a small patio, back porch, doorstep or balcony, plant seasonal or ornamental plants for aethetic looks or grow your own miniature organic farm.

8. Tree variety: Keep your environment cool, free from noise and air pollution with lushnLawn recommended exotic trees. Attract variety of birds and squirrels to bring nature close to your house.

9. creepers:
Creepers take up little ground spaces and remains top choices for small outdoor garden spaces, known to reduce stress & boost overall sense of well being. Lushnlawns offers exclusive range of creepers or climbers that best suits your balcony, terrace, outdoor or vertical garden.

10. Planter Box: Make gardening easy by amplifying space with lushnlawns's designer planter boxes, that not only soothes your eyes, adds aesthetic value to your garden and self watering technology helps you conserve water.

11. Lotus pond: Bring home a miniature lotus pond to experience ecosytem at your doorstep. Lotus ponds are always focus point of garden. Create trickling water fountains to bring peaceful atmosphere, relaxing and scenic landscape, ideal for family gatherings outdoors.

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Bring nature in your home.