Organic Farming in Your Home!

How to convert edible plants into work of art? Want fresh produce for your daily gastronomical choir? Beside cutting down on your food bills, there is nothing compared to freshly grown vegetables in terms of taste and health benefits. Once you have visualized a kitchen garden, you are just a call away from LushnLawns to get your tailor made affordable plan. Select from range of 3 D simulations that conceptualize your terrace space into an eco-space.

LushnLawns have debunked stereotypes that kitchen garden layout is for large spaces ( terraces) and huge investments. Our garden plans and layout ideas are exclusive to suit every kitchen, with range of choices from vegetables to herbs to fill even your windowsill. Our trained professionals can execute laying of the space to set up drip irrigation, also plant herbs for you and can maintain your kitchen garden with timely trimming, pruning, to organic garden pest control.

We have retired horticulture officers to develop and maintenance.

Say No to sourcing troubles, Our online cloud kitchen garden gives you access to branded gardening tools, vast range of seeds, soil, bio-fertilizers, pots, sprayer and more at reasonable price. Grow your own veggies at home, lead a sustainable life with greenery around to soothe your mind and body.

Bring Nature in your home.