How to Build a Vertical Garden!

Vertical gardens or living wall are the new green warriors and a perfect response to curb air pollution & filter dust from the air in an urban background with limited space. Having a vertical garden at home is worth 100 times than visiting the nearest Hill station or have HEPA filters. De-stress yourself to balance your mental health & fulfill your promise to keep up with sustainability. We have made sure that you get the desired results from Day one with refreshing greens plumage, without having them to germinate or turn lush green later.

We have retired horticulture officers to develop and maintenance.

Meet our professionals for free consultation & get technical specifications & feasibility, budget & customization requirements beforehand you make any commitment. Delivery and execution by our expert vertical garden planters is guaranteed.

Lushnlawns gets you the innovative ways to water your vertical garden, from drip irrigation technique to pipes driving rain water to your little green walls with assurance of less to no human interference. Indoor Vertical garden is not only trending in metropolitan like Bangalore but also giving aesthetic look to your property. Book your site visit or call us Now to check on our offers.

Vertical gardens are the right solutions to get greenery in urban homes and offices usually with limited spaces. Our customised hydroponics gives you the flexibility to have vertical gardens, both indoors as well as outdoors. They not only look good but also do well by filtering co2 and pollutants, thereby replenishing fresh air and reduces temperature.

Bring nature in your home.